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In Korean

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In this page we have gathered some information in Korean about the Danish efterskole. For more information please contact us at 

A short introduction to the Danish efterskole in Korean by Mr. Yenho Oh

Mr. Yenho Oh has made a series of videos about "Denmark's secret to happiness". In episode 11 he talks about the Danish Efterskole. See the video below.

Mr. Yenho Oh is the author of the famous Korean book about Denmark "Can we also be happy".

The book can be purchased on this website.
Korean book about Denmark

You can also have a look at our Korean flyer The Danish Efterskole (pdf) 

A South Korean TV-documentary about the efterskole and the Danish education system.

Korean documentary

A TED-inspired video-talk about, what the world can learn from Denmark and the Danish efterskole. Korean subtitles.

Article from efterskole-forum in Seoul October 26th 2016. Read article.
Article from the magasine MizNaeil, february 2017. Read article.

Exchange programme for teachers and students

Teachers’ College for Life (TCL) is an education movement co-operative, that works for the teachers of free/anternative schools and civic activists and plans to training programme in home and abroad.
TCL supports the exchange programme for teachers and students between South Korea and Denmark.

Books in Korean
Knud Illeris is a professor of lifelong learning at the Danish University of Education, Denmark, and has a worldwide reputation as a breakthrough contributor to learning theory and adult education.

His book is not about the efterskole, but about the unique and diverse aspects of human learning from different perspectives.

Link to publisher

Learning theories