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Efterskolen ved Nyborg

This school has both space for your opinions and creative and physical activities. We have aligned the subjects theater, art, football, basketball and the travel project line WorldWide (study trip to Chile). You have a minimum of 8 hours a week with your line. Motto: Bother and Enthusiasm!
All lines have an overseas trip.


Challenges and Enthusiasm

The school is the right choice for young people who want real influence, and who want to excel their physical and musical/creative skills.


A stay at Efterskolen ved Nyborg is not only a big leap forward in your education. It is also an experience full of challenges, joys, sorrows, hassle and enthusiasm.


The Core Values in keywords

Openness and democracy, community participation and responsibility, life fitness, reflection and critical thinking, self-confidence, equal weighting of academic disciplines and cultural skills, cultural encounters.


Subjects: Basketball, Soccer, WorlWide, Arts and Theater.

Apart from the regular school subjects (Final test in 9th and 10th grade), we have subject courses, each of which has at least 8-9 weekly lessons.


All Subjects are traveling across the Atlantic. 


The Art line works with different pictorial expression and creates exhibition here and abroad. It includes an art trip to New York.


Theather works with many different expressions, doing performances here and also go on a tour. Study trip to New York.


In basketball, it's about practicing seriously and playing matches in DBBFs nationwide series. Included a trip to Canada or the United States. We have our own gym, where it is possible to practice in your spare time.


In Soccer we practice very targeted and participate in various tournaments. Included is a trip abroad to Florida, where we play games. On both sports lines there are good opportunities for additional training.


WorldWide - Travel and Project Subject

Here we are working with project-oriented culture and society in France or Germany and Chile. This is followed up by traveling to the two countries. The key words are cultural encounters, problem orientation, information retrieval and dissemination.

Furthermore, there are general school subjects.


At EVN we also offer a series of elective subjects, for example: Psychology, French, Spanish, Photography, American Football, Handball, Media, etc.


The school year includes a ski trip to Austria.

About the school

170  Students
42  Number of weeks

School type:


School type

There are three different types of efterskole:

school common efterskole

school special efterskole for dyslexic children

school special efterskole for children with special needs


9th gr., 10th gr., 11th gr.