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Frijsenborg Efterskole

Frijsenborg Efterskole is situated in the green open landscape south of Hammel. Based on Grundtvigs view of education, where community sense is strengthened daily, through song, story and conversation. As a golden thread through the school's education are the following values: trust, democracy and community.

Frijsenborg Efterskole is a boarding school situated in the green open landscape south of Hammel, East Jutland. Based Grundtvig/Koldsk's view of education, where community sense is strengthened daily, through song, story and conversation. The school has apart from the normal lessons, a variety of creative and sport orientated subjects. As a golden thread through the school's education and togetherness are the following values: trust, democracy and community, as well as mutual respect and responsibility.

At Frijsenborg Efterskole we find it important that our pupils meet well educated, highly qualified, teachers and therefore the school prioritizes in-service training and further education of our staff.

The school's professional teaching takes as its starting point the pupil's qualifications and takes them to the highest possible level. We always try to accommodate demands for new teaching and pedagogical methods.
The pupil's teaching environment is very important. Suitable preparation of everyday life, high cleanliness standards, inviting framework, good educational materials and flexible classrooms all play a part in the conditions concerning pupil's welfare. We see ourselves as the connection between primary school and college education, which is why occupational and professional advice is central to the youngster's stay at Frijsenborg.

The school was founded in 1949 and after thorough pedagogical considerations the school moved from the centre of Hammel in 1990 to the present location. In 2003 the school was extended, with up to date classrooms for music, multimedia studies, science and chemistry.

The school has 91 pupils aged between 14 and 17, 1/3 of the pupils in year 9 and 2/3 in year 10. The school is for pupils of normal ability.

Frijsenborg Efterskole has also specialized in teaching the hearing impaired and pupils with a CI operation. They make up 25%. Therefore all our teaching is done in small groups and so we make all of our teaching and social education, visual.
The school uses all forms of modern aids that promote teaching and communication for the hearing impaired, such as latest mulity frequency FM equipment. The school has also one or two physically handicapped pupils. The school has employed teachers who are specialized in teaching hearing impaled pupils.

Frijsenborg Efterskole works consciously with the integration of pupils with multi cultural backgrounds.

Frijsenborg Efterskole has a clear nutrition policy, where healthy organic food is served six times a day and the key words are: lots of greens, wholesome food and homemade.
The school's pupils participate also in daily exercise, the morning run.
Frijsenborg Efterskole is Denmark's first non-smoking school!

We prioritize documentation and evaluation of the school's work. Therefore the school works together with several colleges/education centers and also public and private companies to assist the continued development of the school.

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About the school

91  Students
42  Number of weeks

School type:


School type

There are three different types of efterskole:

school common efterskole

school special efterskole for dyslexic children

school special efterskole for children with special needs


9th gr., 10th gr.

Additional information

  • Wheelchair access
  • Offers for hearing impaired