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Højer Efterskole

Højer Efterskole is placed in the marsh area in the southern par of Jutland close to the German border.Højer Efterskole has 5 lines:
- Japanese culture and language.
- Martial arts
- Dance and rhythm
- Tumbling and trampoline
- E-sports
During a year on Højer Efterskole you also make a lot of gymnasics and perform about 25 gymnasics shows.

The History of Højer Efterskole

Højer Efterskole started in 1950 as an Efterskole. The idea was to make a school based on values of the Danish Efterskole for the Danes in the border area. Højer is located 7 km from the German boarder and has a history of being both Danish and German. Højer is in the southern part of Jutland and has the typical beautiful nature and landscape of the marsh area.

Today the school is the home for 90 students every year. They start in the beginning of august and are students for almost a year. They finish in the end of June.

 On Højer Efterskole the students are paired two and two on a room – boys and girls separated on their own halls. They share the room and live together during their stay at Højer.

Each student has a teacher as a mentor. The teacher is the “family” and help the student with many different things, they teach them how to clean a room, change the sheets, guide them on personal matters and are the communicative link to the student and his/her family.

Gymnastics play a big role in the DNA of Højer Efterskole. The gymnastics is mandatory, and all students take part in the gymnastic show we do in more that 20 different cities during spring. To us the gymnastics is a part of our community, it is in doing gymnastics we learn about ourselves, learn to play our little part in a community that show the world what students from Højer are made of. During the year we practice gymnastics, and even if you never have tried it, you will learn how to do gymnastics. 

About the school

90  Students
42  Number of weeks

School type:


School type

There are three different types of efterskole:

school common efterskole

school special efterskole for dyslexic children

school special efterskole for children with special needs


8th gr., 9th gr., 10th gr.