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Faarevejle Fri- og Efterskole

Get to know yourself - learn from the other students - learn in school. Denmark’s first iPad-boarding school bids you welcome to the best year of your life. 8 major subjects: Film, Media, Football, Outdoor, Music, Theatre, Material Design and Volleyball. 16 different minor subjects, including French, German and Spanish. Great facilities.

The school for life

 “You talk a lot about the future, but boarding school is my life right now”

Nicoline, 16


We want to be the school for life in an individualized, digitalized and globalized knowledge society. This is why we offer you the personal, social and professional skill set necessary for you to make your way in society. We are in other words continuously working to help you get to know yourself, learn from the other students and learn in school.

Get to know yourself

We believe that you have to get to know yourself. Your personal forming is first and foremost about becoming conscious of yourself and your values. You need a solid foundation from which to greet the world, so you can express and retain personal goals - even if others want something else.

Learn from others

We believe that you can learn a lot from the other students in the school. Social skills are about you being able to live, communicate and working together fruitfully with people different from yourself. We wish to strengthen your ability to function in social contexts and to see the qualities in everybody,

Learn in school

We believe that you have to learn in school. Professional skills are about you knowing your stuff. It is difficult making your own choices in a society of knowledge without the required technical skills. That is why professional knowledge is at least as relevant a dimension as personal forming and social skills.

How you will live

We admit 140 students for 9th and 10th grade with an equal number of boys and girls. Our students primarily live in 2-man rooms in 11 student houses, with a house teacher attached to each house.

We are fully equipped with contemporary classrooms, gym hall, fitness centre, music room, workshops, cinema, living rooms as well as beautiful green surroundings. Don’t you worry, Faarevejle city contains both a kiosk and a grocery store. We are well connected in public transport, having great bus and train connections.

The lessons

The literary lessons are offered in two levels for the subjects English and math.

At FE you can choose between 8 major subjects:

· Music· Theatre· Football (soccer)· Volleyball· Material design· Film· Media· Outdoor

In addition, you can choose between a lot of different, exciting minor subjects:

· Badminton· Art· Cardio· Dance/Zumba· French· Physics/Chemistry· Handball· Martial Arts· Choir· Mind & Body· Running· Rhythm and Music Theory· Band Practice· Spanish· Tons· German· Volleyball as a minor subject

The lessons lead up to the Danish FSA and FS10 national tests.


We are always happy to welcome you to the school. Come by and have a talk with the students and staff.


If you have any questions or want to schedule a visit, call us at +45 5965 3265

You can find a lot more information on our website:

We look forward to being a part of your life.

About the school

140  Students
42  Number of weeks

School type:


School type

There are three different types of efterskole:

school common efterskole

school special efterskole for dyslexic children

school special efterskole for children with special needs


9th gr., 10th gr.

Additional information

  • Wheelchair access