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Midtsjællands Efterskole

Midtsjællands Efterskole (MSE) is an academic as well as a practical, creative boarding school with traditional school subjects such as Danish, English, German, Math, Social Studies, Religion, Science and PE.

Furthermore the students are challenged in different practical, creative subjects such as outdoor scouting, music and theatre and different skills of creative craftsmanship.


Subjects and curricular

We offer extra-curricular subjects such as canoeing, climbing, band and choir, drama and movie-making, farming, philosophy, art and material design, carpentry and forgery, different kinds of sports, cookery and home economics. The school also has a global engagement in cooperation with Folkekirkens Nødhjælp (DanChurchAid) with an exchange program with students from abroad and a class of World Citizenship curriculum with the goal of expanding the horizon of the students in order to enable them to make a difference to people around the world as well as in Denmark.

Midtsjællands Efterskole is situated 50 km southwest of Copenhagen, with easy access to public transportation, in a big national park area with woods, lakes and close by Roskilde Fjord. We use the surroundings not only in the outdoor scouting subjects, but also in joint events for all the students e.g. outdoor hikes, picnics, overnight camping trips, sailing and canoeing-activities. The school houses 110 students, 18 teachers, and a number of kitchen- and craftsmen-staff. Apart from teaching the traditional curriculum, we work with an interdisciplinary approach in e.g. music and theater week, project and theme days, scout events and musical/choir festivals. We also use our “backyard access” to Norway and Sweden where we go skiing, canoeing and hiking.


School´s background and intention

Midtsjællands Efterskole is a continuation school for 9th and 10th grade students, established in 1960 as an autonomous institution by the YMCA and YWCA, FDF and scouts organisations. The school seeks to create a community of young people and adults giving students general knowledge, skills and experiences. The school is based on a Christian approach to life and humanity, so that students can gain strength, courage and the will to live as well-informed and responsible citizens in our everyday life. The school has its roots in the Lutheran Evangelical Church of Denmark, but receives students from all kinds of religious, social and political backgrounds.

About the school

113  Students
42  Number of weeks

School type:


School type

There are three different types of efterskole:

school common efterskole

school special efterskole for dyslexic children

school special efterskole for children with special needs


9th gr., 10th gr.